About The Publisher: Ashley Cass Morse

Welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens-Jupiter edition of Macaroni KID! I am very excited to bring you all of the great family-friendly events and activities that this area has to offer. If you haven't heard, Macaroni KID is a national publication with over 550 local editions across the United States. If you recently signed up to receive our FREE e-newsletter, I am sure Macaroni KID will quickly become your favorite source of information for things to do with your children.   

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Warmest Regards,
Ashley Cass Morse, 

Editor and Publisher

About Ashley Cass Morse, Editor and Publisher

Mom to two children, Ashley Cass Morse is the Editor and Publisher for the Palm Beach Gardens-Jupiter, Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Lake Worth editions of Macaroni KID. In addition, Ashley is a practicing attorney, has served as Chair of the ArtiGras ArtiKids Committee since 2012, is outgoing President of the Board of Directors of Resource Depot, and is a travel journalist for the national Macaroni KID Family Travel publication. Ashley also had the prestigious honor of being named the 2015 Macaroni KID Publisher of the Year.

While pregnant with her daughter, Ashley decided to take a break from her "other career" as an environmental attorney to stay home and help run the family business. As a busy mom, wife, and small business owner, she found that she was spending too much time looking through the printed resources for information on family-friendly events and activities. In September of 2010, several of her friends in other parts of the country told her about Macaroni KID and she became the founding publisher for the Palm beach Gardens-Jupiter edition. Under her stewardship, the PBG-Jupiter edition quickly became one of the top-performing sites in the national Macaroni KID network. "In 2010, there was nothing like Macaroni KID in our area - I thought, wow, there are so many great things happening for kids right here in our community; how cool would it be to have it all listed in one place? I felt that there was such a need for it and jumped on board immediately." 

In November 2022, Ashley entered her thirteenth year of publishing the PBG-Jupiter edition of Macaroni KID and can't imagine her life any other way. "I love that I am involved with such an amazing organization of strong and powerful women and that I am instrumental in providing such a great resource to so many moms in our community. Being editor and publisher has allowed us to participate and be a part of so many great community events, meet thousands of wonderful local parents and work with such inspiring and amazing small business owners and community leaders." You can reach Ashley by email at ashleymorse@macaronikid.com.

Are you a family-friendly business wanting to get your name out to thousands of parents in the Palm Beach County Area?  

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