Baseball Yogis Brings a Unique Fitness Program for Kids to PB County

By Baseball Yogis February 12, 2020

What do Baseball and Yoga have in common? Everything, if you ask Donna Risolo, local mom, educator, and creator of Baseball Yogis -- a fitness program for kids offering classes, summer camps, preschool enrichment, and birthday party entertainment. A Baseball Yogis experience combines baseball-themed yoga poses along with running, throwing, and swinging to create an activity that promotes focus and concentration, balance and flexibility, all while teaching the importance of teamwork and sharing. What Baseball Yogis likes to call, “A Mindful Approach to America’s Favorite Pastime.”

As Risolo explains, “Baseball is a mentally challenging sport that requires patience, persistence, and positive visualization, as well as a series of complex gross motor skills for throwing, catching, and hitting. Young children are still developing these mental and physical skills.”   

This is where yoga comes in, according to this mom of twin preschoolers, AJ and Mia. “Yoga is a natural bridge for young children to baseball” because, according to Risolo, “Yoga poses are easy for little ones to practice. Yoga builds focus, concentration, patience, mindfulness, confidence, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.”

And when kids do Baseball Yogis poses, they learn the fundamentals of baseball in a context that is non-competitive, accessible, and fun.

Baseball Yogis offers a weekly mixed-aged group outdoor class at Harbourside Place in Jupiter every Sunday at 11:15. “The reaction to our Harbourside Place class has been outstanding. We have had toddlers to ten-year-olds attend in perfect harmony.  Kids and parents love the venue at the Amphitheater and then the opportunity to stroll the market afterward makes for some fantastic quality time with the little ones on a Sunday.” Parents can reserve a mat for their child each week at or just stop by and register onsite. “We welcome drop-ins at our Kids Yoga Sundays class,” says Risolo.  

Baseball Yogis also offers birthday party entertainment, preschool enrichment opportunities, and summer camp programs. See their website for details on all the Baseball Yogis programs at or contact owner and director, Donna Risolo, directly at (561) 558-5989.