Mobile Mini Camp Coming to Your Backyard Soon!

For Less Than the Price of a Babysitter, Curate Your Child’s Camp Experience

By Backyard Yogis May 25, 2020

In response to parents' desire for safer summer camp options, Baseball Yogis has come up with a solution that is not only novel but absolutely solves the problem of how to provide a summer camp experience for your child during a global health pandemic: the Mobile Mini Summer Camp Experience.

“We were all ready to offer a traditional onsite summer camp, and yet as we got closer to summer, that just didn’t seem like the right way to go for us. And we tried virtual classes, but the nature of what we do -- build connections with kids, while creating awesome fitness, athletic and recreational experiences for them -- just didn’t translate well to the virtual environment,” says Baseball Yogis creator and director Donna Risolo. Thus was born the Mobile Mini Camp Experience -- a small group curated camp experience in the safety of your backyard.

So round up the neighborhood kids (no more than 10 but at least 4), and head over to Baseball Yogis website to select your time and week, and Baseball Yogis will do the rest by providing all the benefits of camp in the safety of your backyard.  

“We have morning sessions, and we have afternoon sessions.  You can sign up for two days per week or four days per week.  You can sign up for as little as one week or all eight weeks,” explains Risolo.

And lest you think a Baseball Yogis camp is all about yoga and baseball, Risolo is quick to point out that the mobile mini camp experience offers a variety of activities from relay races, to classic yard games to special themed activities, such as SuperHeroes Day, Party in the USA Day, Earth Day, Water Balloon Sports Day and many more. “And yes, we always include a yoga lesson and some baseball instruction.”

And how much will all this cost you? Prices range from $50 to $60 per child, per session, per week before discounts. But almost every group qualifies for at least one discount. “Your best deal is a large group of 10, meeting four times a week for at least two weeks.” Risolo explains, “for example, if you have a group of 10 sign up for 2 sessions for 2 weeks, the fee per child is $200 before discounts are applied.  After discounts, it could be as low as $170 per child for 16 hours over two weeks - that's potentially less than $11 an hour per child for an action-packed camp experience taught by a professional educator in the safety of your own backyard -- less than the price of your neighborhood babysitter!”

But what about a group of four kids (their smallest allowable group) that want to sign up for only one session for just one week? (A session is two times per week for two hours each day: either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.) “The price is going to be higher, of course, but it’s still a great value,” Risolo explains. “When you factor in that your child is receiving one on one attention in a very small group situation that is curated by a professional educator in the safety of your backyard -- I mean, what is the value of your child’s happiness and safety?” Risolo answers her own question: “Priceless!”  

As for safety procedures, Risolo says that “our first priority is the health of our campers and their families. And safety precautions were the first thing we planned for when building the mobile camp program.” These precautions include small group sizes; all activities take place outdoors; no-contact or low-contact activities; temperature checking each camper at the beginning of each session; and most importantly, sanitizing all camp equipment with the Sanity Ozone System, what Risolo refers to as “our sanitizing silver bullet. I wouldn’t even think of offering the camp if I didn’t have this amazing system to thoroughly rid our equipment of microorganisms that cause viral and bacterial infection.”

“We are confident that we have all the ‘bases’ covered,” Risolo quips. And we couldn’t agree more -- the Baseball Yogis Mobile Mini Camp is a homerun!

For a complete description of the program, registration process, and pricing, contact Donna Risolo at (561) 558-5989 or visit