An Inside Look at Franklin Academy Charter School

Students have been working hard this quarter!

By Franklin Academy Charter School January 5, 2021

Students at Franklin Academy Charter School have been working hard on their units this quarter!  In kindergarten, scholars have been learning about how culture and where you are from can shape who you are in their unit "Where we are in Place and time". They are taking daily "trips" with their passports to learn all about different cultures from across the globe. In first grade, students have been learning all about celebrations around the world and the importance of understanding and appreciating the differences of those around us in the unit "How we express ourselves". They are celebrating each holiday with excitement and awe at the similarities and differences between celebrations, including their own!  In second grade, students have been learning about different ethnic groups and the impact they have made on society today in their unit "Where we are in Place and time". In third grade, students have been diving into the concept of geography and how location can influence how and where people live. They are becoming experts at maps and landforms. In fourth grade, students have been investigating the history of innovation and how we might continue to innovate through creativity and collaboration. They are looking forward to their summative assessment where they will be able to create a prototype of an existing invention and share how it has shaped society today. In 5th grade, students are finishing their unit on experimentation and exploration of change, learning about both matter and its connection to the world around us, and the idea of how conflict can lead to change through the research of revolutions throughout history.

Here, you can see how Mrs. Scott's Kindergarten class inquired into South Africa. They created traditional Zulu beaded necklaces.

Our attribute of the month is Inquirer. We have been having valuable discussions in our morning meetings and our homerooms to better understand the attribute and how it relates to other attributes in the Learner Profile. We have been setting goals for ourselves and identifying the steps necessary to reach those goals.  

Take a look at our middle school students creating meaning for the attribute and setting goals!  

Mrs. Sweeney's class did a group brainstorming session on what it means to be an Inquirer and had a great discussion about what that could look like in their classroom and learning!

Mr. Kunard's class created their own questions to inquire about other countries and make a plan to research the answers and present them to their fellow classmates. This particular student wanted to inquire about the populations in other countries of the world compared to the United States.

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