New Dinosaur Explorer Exhibit at the Cox Science Center & Aquarium

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By Cox Science Center & Aquarium September 22, 2022

Travel back in time and discover what modern paleontology knows about the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods by exploring a series of dynamic displays featuring animatronic dinosaurs! Despite the fact these magnificent creatures lived millions of years before us, paleontologists believe dinosaurs share many things in common with humankind. From feeding to family dynamics, intelligence, or interpersonal relationships, Dinosaur Explorer examines the ways that environmental, biological, and behavioral circumstances influenced dinosaur daily life while posing the question – where do we see similarities in our world today?

Utilizing the latest animatronic technology, this series of larger-than-life displays and vibrant vignettes provides a highly interactive experience that is sure to amaze and captivate visitors of all ages. Striking authentic casts and hands-on activities give visitors the ability to learn the science behind dinosaur adaptations and understand the connections humans share with our prehistoric predecessors. Just like a scientist, guests will be empowered to hypothesize about prehistoric life by piecing together paleontological and biological clues. Get ready for an unforgettable exploration that enables guests to compare themselves to some of the strangest, unique and silliest dinosaurs. 


Tickets can be purchased at the admissions desk when you arrive. General admission to the Science Center, including the Dinosaur Explorer exhibit, will be as follows:

Adults $20.95 
Seniors 60+ $18.95
Children 3-12 $16.95
Children under 3  FREE
Members FREE

The Cox Science Center and Aquarium is located at 4801 Dreher Trail North in West Palm Beach, Florida (561) 832-1988.