Pets, Popcorn, Puzzles and More: 5 Ways to Celebrate January in PBC

Happy New Year!

By Macaroni KID January 4, 2023

Happy January 2023! The whole year stretches ahead of us, with so much possibility! Have you made resolutions this year? We want to celebrate more silly with our kids... so on that note, here are five not-so-serious "holidays" happening this month that you can celebrate with your kids:

1. Howl at the full moon

January 6

January's full moon is called the Wolf Moon. The full Moon will reach peak illumination at 6:08 P.M. EST on January 6. Get the kids outside and HOWL! Want to know more about the stars we can see in our night sky in Palm Beach Gardens? Pay a visit to Cox Science Center and Aquarium to really engage your kids' interest in space!

2. Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14

Dress up your dog, goat, guinea pig, or cat. Pets aren't cooperative? Paint your kids' faces as their favorite animals. We want to see! Tag Macaroni KID Palm Beach Gardens on Instagram @macaronikidpbg if you post a picture of Dress Up Your Pet Day!

3. Popcorn Day

January 19

We're popping with excitement for Popcorn Day! Check out some great popcorn ideas your family will love

4. National Puzzle Day

January 29

Get your family a brand new puzzle, and spend the evening putting together a puzzle together. It's about so much more than a puzzle though: We find putting together puzzles with our kids is a wonderful way to work cooperatively, problem-solve as a family, and enjoy great conversations with our kids that naturally flow as time passes. 

5. National Hot Chocolate Day

January 31

If your kids are like ours, hot chocolate is the ultimate in a hot beverage. Set up a hot chocolate bar and indulge in a special treat to celebrate!