We're Growing! Macaroni KID's Parent Company Acquires Hulafrog

CertifiKID, which acquired Macaroni KID in 2020, now adds Hulafrog to its family of businesses

January 11, 2023

We are growing!

CertifiKID, Macaroni KID's parent company, announced this week it has acquired Hulafrog. 

Hulafrog is similar to Macaroni KID in that it has long been a leading business in the local, parent-focused digital media and advertising space.

Now, with Hulafrog and Macaroni KID both under CertifiKID's umbrella, local publishers will have more opportunities than ever to both provide you with local event and business information, as well as to bring you great DEALS!

The acquisition further solidifies CertifiKID's spot as one of the largest parent-focused digital media and advertising companies in the country.

About our companies

You're probably already familiar with your local Macaroni KID (We appreciate you as a reader!). But did you know Macaroni KID includes a network of hundreds of publishers across the United States and Canada and more than 1,000 local editions? Our publishers are responsible for putting out a free weekly newsletter and maintaining websites featuring local family-friendly events, activities, products, and services in their town.

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CertifiKID, one of the best deal websites for parents, is also a well-known name — you might have seen its owners, Jamie and Brian Ratner, on Shark Tank! CertifiKID offers exclusive deals every day on family-friendly activities, events, entertainment, attractions, camps, and much more. If you haven't checked out CertifiKID lately, you definitely should!

How does Hulafrog fit in?

Hulafrog has focused in the last few years on providing national editorial offerings, including Hulafrog Today, a must-read morning email geared toward busy families. The newsletter provides a go-to guide to the best activities, deals, news, and ideas for the day ahead, in an easy-to-digest, “skimmable” format.

In other words: Hulafrog's content and mission make it the perfect fit with CertifiKID and Macaroni KID.

“We are thrilled to welcome Hulafrog to the CertifiKID family and look forward to what it means for our subscribers,” said Jamie Ratner, CertifiKID founder and CEO. 

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Founded by parents, for parents

Like Macaroni KID and CertifiKID, Hulafrog was founded by moms. Sherry Lombardi and Kerry Bowbliss started the company in New Jersey in 2010 as a way to give parents a comprehensive source for family activities and local businesses. It quickly expanded, with publishers starting up Hulafrog sites across the United States.

“We believe we have found the ideal home for Hulafrog with Jamie, Brian, and the CertifiKID family," said Sherry Lombardi, Hulafrog co-founder and CEO. 

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The addition of Hulafrog to the CertifiKID family will significantly increase CertifiKID's reach across the country, grow its network of local Macaroni KID publishers, provide smart, new national content for its audience, greatly expand its social media footprint, and add a fresh, innovative advertising avenue for its brand partners.

Jamie launched CertifiKID with her husband Brian in 2010 focusing on deals specifically geared to kids and families. CertifiKID took off immediately and has since grown into a $5 million-plus per year business. The business received a boost in 2019 when the founders appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and secured an investment from Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”), one of his largest in 13 seasons on the show.

Read about Jamie and Brian Ratner's journey to Shark Tank in their 2022 book, ParentPreneurs: A Decade Of Deals from a Messy Minivan.

“The exposure CertifiKID received from Shark Tank and our partnership with Kevin O’Leary and his first-rate team have allowed us to grow exponentially and become a go-to resource for parents across the country,” Jamie says. “Our acquisition of Macaroni KID, and now Hulafrog, builds on this success by providing broader resources and more nationwide and hyperlocal capabilities. This is truly unparalleled in the parent-media space.”