New Year, New Skin! Plus, an Awesome January Special!

Let's make some New Year's Skincare Resolutions, shall we?

By Luci Bitetto January 16, 2023

Let's make some New Year's Skincare Resolutions, shall we?

Here are 6 things you can do to optimize your skin's health this year:

1. WATER: I know you have all heard me say this a bazillion times, but DRINK ALL THE WATER! Aim for a gallon a day, which is probably way more than you need, but staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body and your skin (not to mention cheap and easy!). If you're not a fan of the way water tastes, try infusing some fruit in with it like lemon, cucumber, strawberries, or even blood oranges! Also, try using a big straw to help you get more out of each sip.

2. EXERCISE: No fancy gyms necessary here people. Regular cardiovascular exercise keeps blood flowing to the skin, so run, walk, do yoga, stretch, have sex. Just get that blood pumping to your skin!

3. DIET: A good diet promotes gut health and overall wellness, and in turn healthy skin. A poor diet can cause breakouts and sullen looking skin because we aren't getting the nutrients necessary for healthy skin. If we are unhealthy on the inside, it will show up on the outside. Here are 5 foods to cut back on or completely avoid for healthy, glowing skin: SUGAR, DAIRY, BREAD, FRIED FOODS, PROCESSED FOODS. Challenge yourself this year by cutting out just ONE of those 5 for a whole month and watch what happens to your skin and body!

4. SLEEP: An underrated panacea, getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night is crucial to skin health! Not only can sleep help keep those dark circles under your eyes at bay, but it also reduces stress, which is one of the primary causes of acne!

5. ADD AN ACTIVE AT NIGHT: Obviously, I am passionate about having a good skincare regimen in general, but adding an active (Retinol, AHA, BHA) to your night time regimen helps to promote the skin's natural cellular turnover (which significantly decreases as we age), so if you are in your mid 20's or older, now is the time to start!

6. SCHEDULE MONTHLY FACIALS: Think of it as an oil change for your face. I am always saying "it's an 80/20!" meaning that 80% of your skins visible health comes from what you are doing at home, and 20% is the magic we work here in the studio, but both are necessary to get to that 100%. Set aside the "you time" your skin, and your mind, deserve!


NEW YEAR NEW SKIN PACKAGE: $628 (Regularly $785)

Custom Facial, Platinum Hydrafacial, Microneedling Treatment

(Plan for 2-4 weeks between treatments)

  • Start with one of our relaxing 75-minute Custom Facials with Nikki, so that she can assess your skin and get you on a skincare regimen.
  • Next is a 60-minute HydraFacial for deep cleansing and hydration. *Hydrated skin responds better to advanced treatments like microneedling.
  • Last will be a 60-minute Microneedling Treatment to promote collagen production, help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth texture and/or acne scarring.

That's 3 amazing treatments to get your skin on that 2023 Glow Train!