Spanish Academy LMBD

We are very excited to announce our IN-PERSON FULL IMMERSION SPANISH CLASSES IN JUPITER, FL! Our full immersion classes are not the same as your child's current school Spanish classes.  If you want your child to take their learning to the next level in the Spanish language and acquire conversational skills, then your child belongs in this class.

Our in-person Spanish classes include:

✔️One class per week

✔️materials and worksheets that align with each lesson

✔️We offer a curriculum that has been taught to hundreds of students and it has been proven to show incredible results in the student’s learning progress of the Spanish language.

✔️Monthly progress report of your child                

✔️100% support from our team  


✔️Bonus resources


✔️Students will strengthen bilingual skills: The ability to communicate in Spanish and English.

✔️ Students will develop biliteracy skills: The ability to speak, read, listen, and write in Spanish and English.

✔️ Students will boost high order thinking skills throughout the Reading Process: Making connections, inferring, comparing and contrasting, etc.

✔️ Students will strengthen SEL - Social Emotional Learning skills: Self-Awareness, Self-management, Decision making, Relationships, Social Awareness.

✔️ Students will foster global citizen skills: Culture diversity & global issues awareness, values and critical thinking.