Swim With Gills

4650 Northlake BlvdPalm Beach Gardens, FL 33455
Phone: 561-222-6547
Business Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30-8:30Email: christina@swimwithgills.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Year-round Swim Lessons at our Indoor and Outdoor locations for all ages, 6 months to Adults including Adaptive Aquatics; Pre-Swim Team and Swim Team! Swim With Gills is Nationally-based Curriculum centered around the American Red Cross. Our philosophy of teaching is simple. We do not 'force' children to learn. Our Trained Instructors guide your child through skills and water safety by creating a trusting and caring relationship. Through fun and interactive 'play,' we maximize your child's comfort zone. At times, parents are in the water, cheering from the side of the pool or watching from a window. Each lesson is geared toward your child’s. Parents should remember that each child learns differently.. Our "Whatever Works" philosophy enables instructors to teach to a child’s individual needs to build strength and skills. We teach babies from 6 months old to adults - each needing different lesson approaches and plans. Following the lessons, you’ll be given a variety of ways to practice and promote learning between classes. Water Safety Lessons for children, adults and care takers are always included in every lesson!